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Featured Story

Newark Steel- Newark, NJ

Newark Steel had a dispute with an inspector as to some of their columns being too far out. 
The Bazooka Bob settled it.

What is a Bazooka Plumb Bob?
A precision magnetic vertical level used for the alignment of steel columns, walls & more. It attaches/releases easily by way of a powerful magnetic head and gives an instant readout for level. Also use on precast, forms, walls, studs and more...(Precast & Wall Hook or Form Hook attachments required for some applications) An essential ironworker tool, made in the USA since 1967.​

How to use a Bazooka Bob

  Fast Vertical Leveling

Speed & Accuracy Lasers Can't Beat

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$378 or Less

Made in the USA 

Bazooka Bob Benefits:

  • Faster- By up to 50% vs a Laser
  • Extends- From 6'6"-12'
  • Efficient- 1 man can operate
  • Accurate- to .001" 
  • Easy- No Setup or Climbing
  • Versatile- Use in wind, rain & other inclement weather(as safety regs permit)
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Use the Bazooka Bob On:

  • Steel Columns - Metal Buildings - Gang Forms
  • Channel Bucks - Framing headers - Metal Studs
  • Shelf Angles - Steel Forms - Rigging
  • Tilt Walls - Inspections and more!
  • Precast - Walls - Forms and more(w attachment)