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Bechtel Corp- Houston, TX.

"...on the Ivanpah Solar Project... we achieved results with the Bazooka Bob that we couldn't accomplish with twice the effort using lasers, survey support, etc..."

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Features & Benefits:

  • Speed- 22-43% faster than a Laser
  • Adjustable- From 6'6"-12'
  • Efficient- Needs just 1 man to use
  • Accurate- 1/1000" working accuracy
  • Easy- No Setup or Climbing
  • Versatile- Use in wind, rain, etc...
  • Weight- At just 11lbs, easy to handle


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Bazooka Plumb Bob
The Fastest Way to Plumb a Column
Only $378*​​

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What is the Bazooka Plumb Bob?
A precision level used for the vertical alignment of columns, walls & more. Faster & more accurate than a laser.

 Use on steel, precast, forms, walls, studs and more...

Attachments available- Precast/Wall Hook  & Form Hook

An essential ironworker tool. Made in the USA since 1967.​

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How to use a Bazooka Bob

Bazooka Plumb Bob

Speed & Accuracy Lasers Can't Beat

How Erectors Plumb a Column